There is so much music being made out there. I often wonder how the sheer volume compares to 100 years ago. Do we call more sounds music now? Does the invention of electricity, then synthesizers, then computers mean there are just that many more ways to produce music than there were, therefore there's more?

Hard to know since most of the stuff that was made in backyards and kitchens a century before this was never recorded and put up on a web site like this one. The Papertiger Sound from Fredericton / Leeds also proves that combinations of people who, 100 years ago, could never have worked together to record can easily do it now.

Kerstin Wilson and Dan Gelder live on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean but have managed to put out an armload of lovely songs despite the distance between them. This duo will likely be on your radar soon if they aren't already.  In a tradition made great by Stars, Dan Mangan, and Maybe Smith, here's a song about robots for you Can-Brit-pop lovers out there: Tiny Robot Love by The Papertiger Sound.

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posted by Amanda Putz on Jun 16, 2009