When a great song, a really cute baby, and the power of the internet collide, amazing things can happen.

A couple of weeks ago, Quebec photographer Francis Vachon posted a time-lapse video of his baby boy playing with his toys to the soundtrack of a happy-go-lucky pop song called "Ensemble" by Montreal singer Coeur de Pirate.

Then that weird internet thing happened that no one can ever predict. The video went viral, and is closing in on close to one million views. Then Good Morning America picked it up and played the video and the song on their show to their viewing millions. Then came the Perez Hilton endorsement, all causing Coeur de Pirate's iTunes sales to go through the roof.

Here in Canada, "Ensemble" will soon appear in a Telus ad, and Coeur de Pirate (aka Beatrice Martin) has been nominated for a Juno Award for Best Francophone Album for her self-titled debut, which features"Ensemble".


posted by Grant Lawrence on Feb 23, 2009