CHART #168

This week on The R3-30, we have a lot of fun. Oh, I know that I say that every week, but this week it really does apply. In fact, if you're the type of person to whom fun has no appeal, I would suggest another show. There, I said it. Very unprofessional of me, but it in the end it will save all of those "why is The R3-30 so fun when I don't want it to be?" emails.

On the grand old show this week John K. Samson will reveal more about his musical theatre past in The R3-30 Questions, Becky Ninkovic from YSP!WSD! updates us on the legal wranglings with the U.S. and we address some pressing Jingle Business which leads to the unveiling of a brand new town jingle! We also celebrate another first on the show with our very first Long Range Request to a child in utero!

Next week, The R3-30 begins a very special 3-part series looking back at the decade that was. The 00s...or...2000s...or The Noughties. Whatever!

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posted by Craig Norris on Nov 28, 2009