I like getting the latest CD of one my favorite bands or songwriters. 

Sometimes though, I like to go back into the archives and listen to something I missed along the way in my musical education.  I was thinking today about how that list of "seminal" albums is probably so long, I'll likely never hear every record that I've read about or that my friends have told me I should hear.

So, I was reading about Attack In Black last week because they came into the studio for a chat (which I'll be posting here real soon) and somewhere in my explorations, Eric's Trip came up specifically the album Love Tara.  I think it's an album that a lot of people know, but one that I hadn't spent much quality time with.

I decided this had to change. 

I found it in our record library and uploaded the Ipod.  The album dates back to 1993 believe it or not but most of the songs were fresh for me like new discoveries.  I love the fuzzed out distorted bass and guitar sounds and the wicked drum fills all over this song.  It's short and sweet and sounds like it was recorded live off the floor in some East coast basement. 

And now it's filed somewhere in the record library of my mind.  I love an ongoing musical education.  

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posted by Tariq Hussain on Apr 27, 2009