Some of you may be reading this blog post while actually listening to your very recently purchased copy of Middle Cyclone, the new album by Neko Case, officially released yesterday. I'm sure you feel, as I do, that it's been worth the wait.

Well actually, I must confess, I heard the album quite a few times back in January as I was preparing for this Session and there were many things that I found striking as I listened to it; song structure for one (unconventional, original), lyrics for another (poetic and beautiful), marsh sounds (comforting).

The timing for the release of this Session couldn't be better. Not only can you go out and buy the album with special guests Sarah Harmer, M. Ward and others but now you can download this Session and hear some of these new songs performed as a trio with Paul Rigby on acoustic guitars and Kelly Hogan on vocals.

And in case you were wondering who inspired the song "That Teenage Feeling"...? Well you'll find that out too.

This CBC Radio 3 Session was recorded in Toronto in January of 2009. Here's a taste!

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posted by Tariq Hussain on Mar 04, 2009