After 10 years together, which spawned six albums, Vancouver favourites The Buttless Chaps are disbanding.

In a preliminary phone conversation about his upcoming appearance on this Friday's R3-30, Chaps lead singer Dave Gowans spilled the beans about the demise of his beloved band.

Citing a basic desire to 'move on' after a decade's worth of work, Gowans and his bandmates, Morgan McDonald, Lasse Lutick, Dan Gaucher, and Ida Nilsen have amicably agreed to retire The Buttless Chaps after their already-scheduled appearance at the Dawson City Music Festival in July and a final, yet-to-be-scheduled hometown show in Vancouver.

Rather than write a follow-up to 2008's Cartography, for now, each member will continue to work on other projects, such as Great Aunt Ida, The Violet Archers, Fond of Tigers, and Gowans' new project, Cloudsplitter.

Honing an utterly unique sound that fused honest-to-goodness country music with disco-laden electronica, The Buttless Chaps may never receive the accolades they deserve, but they were originals who will be missed on the Canadian touring circuit.

Tune into the R3-30 this Friday at 9:00 AM PST/12:00 PM EST right here at to hear more about The Buttless Chaps from Dave Gowans himself.

posted by Vish Khanna on Jan 07, 2009