They said it couldn't be done (well, actually no one said that; I just love drama), but here it is: CBC Radio 3's Full Metal Podcast 2.

Truthfully, I didn't exactly know what would happen when I proposed the first collection of indie Canadian metal songs. So much great metal music kept coming my way, and it didn't get any airplay. Calling grave injustice, I made my case, and it was heard. And now it's been heard again.

This time out we've got even more music than last time, 15 tracks from such bands as Les Ekorches, First Reign, Verbal Deception, Voivod and Over the Coals. There are interviews with metal pioneer Jeff Waters of Annhilator and Metallica's Rob Trujillo. And on the phone from the UK, Joel McIver, author of The 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists. There's also a feature on Calgary's thriving metal scene and Canadian metal musicians weigh in on the Roots of Canadian metal.

I'm not sure how much more could have been packed into one podcast, but I know we did our best. I hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed making.

Now have at ‘er.

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(above photo of Rob Trujillo taken back stage at GM Place)

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posted by Lisa Christiansen on Jan 08, 2009