Entries for CBC's Hockey Anthem Challenge are coming in faster than... er... some really good hockey player closing in on the puck. Sorry for that. I'm not a hockey fan, so that sort of went pear-shaped on me. I am however deeply invested in seeing how this competition plays out.

As much as I may hate hockey, the old theme got me all misty-eyed and nostalgic for something I find as about as compelling to watch as a test pattern, so that's going to be tough to match, let alone beat. That's a powerful piece of music.

Take a look at the entries
, vote for your favs, and tell us what you think. And by all means... upload em if you got em! I've listened to a few, and so far I haven't heard any that I love.  That said, I probably still have another 900 entries to go, so who knows what gems are in there?

Word of advice... you're not creating a piece of music for hockey. Hockey is just a bunch of smelly guys chasing a little piece of plastic around the ice. Where the hell is the drama in that?

No, you are scoring a battle between two opposing armies of titans fighting for their respective city's honour - even though they probably aren't from that city, and are being paid ridiculous sums of money to do so. You get the idea.

Me, I'm hoping Rush submits an instrumental version of "Tom Sawyer". I know a lot of people are partial to Stompin' Tom's "The Hockey Song", but it's too obvious. It lacks the epic appeal of "Sawyer".

It's safe to say that Developer Scott Muc is with me on this, even if Music Programmer Mark MacArthur is making fun. Seriously... we'll have to get him to do his Geddy Lee impression for you sometime.

Update: We got him to do his Geddy Lee impression that he did on his way out for lunch, and now Scott has challenged Mark to a fight in the parking lot after work. Enjoy.

I would like to add that my idea sounds a lot better than this.
posted by John Paolozzi on Jul 16, 2008