So which side of the Céline Dion fence do you sit on: Do her songs make your heart swell with love and life? Or do they make you want to tear your ears off so you'll never have to be subjected to her voice again?

Loved by millions worldwide for her highly accessible music and her rags-to-riches story, and hated just as fiercely by millions for her sound, which many say has all of the soul and character of lukewarm oatmeal, Dion sits at the centre of a much anticipated book by an author you would least expect: Globe and Mail indie music critic and blogger Carl Wilson.

Let's Talk About Love: A Journey To The End Of Taste, which gets its official launch at Toronto's Gladstone Hotel tonight, documents Wilson's determined quest to find his inner Céline fan, and in the process asks what drives personal taste - and whether it's possible to change it.

Already, it's getting rave reviews: New York Magazine says that "a book pondering the aesthetics of Céline risks going wrong in about 3,000 different ways. ... Instead, this book goes very deeply right."

And no matter where you stand on Céline, tonight's launch will be well worth checking out. On the bill are noted author, philosopher and author Mark Kingwell, who will discuss some of the questions raised in the book with Wilson; performances of Céline Dion songs by Polaris Music Prize winner Final Fantasy and the fast-rising Laura Barrett and The Blankett; an excerpt from the one-woman show "Céline Speaks!" by Laura Landauer; and DJ sets by Brian Joseph Davis.

The show takes place at the Gladstone Hotel Ballroom, 1214 Queen St West, Toronto tonight at 7:30 pm (doors 7 pm). Free.
posted by Jennifer Van Evra on Jan 09, 2008