The Sasquatch Music Festival at the Gorge Amphitheater in George, Washington holds a special place in my heart because it was the first event I covered for CBC Radio 3. It was a proud return when I went there this weekend because I didn't have to sneak my way backstage to drink and talk with the bands like I did two years ago. This time I had a right be back there because I was playing the festival with The Choir Practice.

Sasquatch began on Saturday, May 24th but I drove the seven hours from Vancouver to the 3-day festival on Sunday to check out some bands before the Choir's debut on Monday. Here's how the weekend broke down:


The first band of the day for me was a local Washington band called Truckasauras, performing on the smallest of the 3 stages at the fest - The Yeti (same stage that Choir performed on). This may have been one of the best sets I saw because the band was so thrilled just to be playing the fest (a sentiment I could empathize with) that the energy they brought to their electronica fueled performance was contagious. The leader of the band even invited his little brother on stage just to take in the big moment.

Fullerton, California's The Cold War Kids was next over on the main stage. This was another band playing with full energy that really impressed me. There were no frills just sincere passion for the music they were playing.

I hung around for the rest of the afternoon at the main stage to catch Tegan and Sara and The Presidents of the United States. T&S had the crowd in hysterics and tears as usual with their emotional pop and witty between song banter. The Presidents let the 2008 audience know that they're still as tight as they were in 1995 even though their song styling hasn't changed much.

I caught a little bit of the husband and wife harmonies of The Mates of State before I had to rendezvous with the Choir Practice at a motel on I-90 in Ellensburg, Wash. to rehearse. Sadly I missed out on Death Cab for Cutie and the 2 and a half-hour performance by the Cure.

Check back for photos and Monday's report later on today...
posted by Chris Kelly on May 28, 2008