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Your Name:
Justin Rutledge

Name Of Your New Album:
Man Descending

Story Behind The Name:
The title is taken from a collection of short stories by Saskatchewan author Guy Vanderhaeghe. It was published in 1982. I was reading it one day and found a quote that really resonated with me (it is the quote that appears on the cover of the album booklet), so I began writing material that is loosely based around the quote and certain characters from the stories.

What You Wanted To Do:

I wished to create a minimal environment for the songs. My hope was that by creating space and decreasing the amount of musical information on the album, the lyrics and stories could exist with a little more clarity and definition.

A Favourite Moment:
I booked three days at a Toronto studio in hopes of recording about four songs. We weren't in a rush, so I thought we could take our time. However, by the end of the first day we had recorded all four songs (this is including set-up), so I had to go home that night and arrange three more, which we recorded the next day with time to spare. Then I had to go home and finish up three more. The band really gave me a run for my money. It was pretty challenging.

A Not-So-Favourite Moment:
There wasn't one.

A Song You're Really Excited About:
For some reason I'm particularly fond of a song called "Everyone's In Love." It could be because Jenn Grant sings on it, but it's also because I enjoy the dynamics within the song. I had totally forgotten about that song, but my friend Bazil reminded me about it, and I'm glad he did. It's a song about denial, I believe. It's about the feeble attempt to distract oneself from truly important things, and ultimately failing to accept that someone made a very big and irreparable mistake.

What Some Of The Other Songs Are About:
Same shit. God and love and cars.

How It Feels:
It feels quiet, for some reason. I feel comfortable with it, but am already working on the next project.

What You're Doing To Celebrate:
Getting my kitten neutered. Poor guy.

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For The Record: Justin Rutledge's Man Descending

Your Name:Justin RutledgeName Of Your New Album: Man DescendingStory Behind The Name:The title is tak…


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