A long time ago in a city far away I and some friends entered my senior English classroom through a window late one night and borrowed a reel to reel recorder for a scavenger hunt. The next morning I came to class to find the police speaking with my teacher.

Deeply confused by the "theft" of the decades old gear, he asking the police why the thieves would leave behind a TV, VCR, and ghetto blaster. The officer could offer no explanation of the workings of the criminal mind.

As I sat down at my desk trying to look as innocent as possible, a long-haired gentleman, in a black leather jacket layered over a tattered jean jacket by the name of Gary MacMaster, AKA "Coyote", calls the officer's attention to the window, and suggests that he check out the finger prints all over the glass. Ah Gary... thank you for that my friend.

It's been nearly 15 years since I last saw Gary. I knew he had moved to Hamilton and was playing bass in Tristan Psionic, but like so many people from high school, I eventually lost track of him. That is until this morning when I checked Metafilter and saw a link to it came from canada, a site dedicated preserving Canada's musical heritage.

Tristan Psionic, a band years ahead of it's time is just one of many featured on this incredible site, who's contributors brave the darkness of attics and crawlspaces to reclaim music that might otherwise be lost. Where else could you find such esoteric bits of Canadiana such as Crackers, "the musical ambassadors to the motorcycle world", the theme from Shaft as interpreted by the Central Band of the Canadian Forces, or the pièce de résistance, The Bordens doing the Star Wars theme. Far out.

PS: The unharmed reel to reel was returned anonymously a few weeks later. Sorry Mr. Angeloni.
posted by John Paolozzi on Feb 25, 2008