It's a rainy Saturday afternoon here in Vancouver, and I'm attending Northern Voice, Canada's blogging conference being held at UBC's School of Forestry. Crazy building... I got lost on my way here, and found myself in the wood shop and storage area. I was tempted to pull my truck up, and score some of the crazy-looking extruded wood products that you don't see in Rona or Home Depot, but I suppose that would look bad to have some CBC guy horking wood when he's suppose to be attending a conference.

As you can see from the photo there, it's been an interesting event. I've attended a number of great sessions, with the most recent being on using wikis to help build community. And so I've been trying to figure out how we could use them here at Radio 3.

As I've mentioned previously we're about to redevelop this website, and so there's about a million ideas floating around on the backs of napkins, and cigarette packages, but seeing as the internet is as stormy and fast-changing a place as the sea, nothing is firm yet.

So, the question is... what would you like to see us do? What do you like about this site? What do you hate? Would you like to be more involved? If so, how? What kind of tools would you like? How can we make this a killer site? Discuss.

Photo by Kris Krug
The chap in the photo BTW is Mark Busse.
posted by John Paolozzi on Feb 24, 2007