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Sushi, float-planes, rain, old friends, and rain...

The R3-30 is basking in the misty, coastal glow of Vancouver! This week's show has a damp, humid quality that we just cannot achieve when we're in Toronto. Whether or not that translates into a "better" show will be a judgment that will be left up to you. I doubt it, though.

For the first time ever, we inject an "R3-30 F.C. Favourite" into the show and we have Chartbreakers from MBP, The Parkas, and Bedouin Soundclash. There is a very in-depth "History of the Chart" question from a listener, and Pedro will lift an entire burlap sack of sparrows clean over his head.

Plus (and trust me on this) there's an exclusive bonus Long Range Request only on The R3-30 Podcast this week. Simply put with no hyperbole: groundbreaking.

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The chart, people. The chart.

The R3-30
Week Ending September 20, 2007

1. Two Hours Traffic - "Backseat Sweetheart" Little Jabs
2. Tegan & Sara - "The Con" The Con
3. Akido - "Dancing In Chains" Blink
4. Russian Futurists - "Lets Get Ready To Crumble" Me, Myself and Rye
5. They Shoot Horses Don't They? - "One Last Final Push" Pick Up Sticks
6. Karkwa - "La Fruite" Les Tremblements S'immobilisent
7. Hot Little Rocket - "Sleep Today" How To Lose Everything
8. Lightning Dust - "Listened On" S/T
9. Tin Bangs - "Shake" - Heavy-Handed Darling
10. Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton - "The Bank" What Is Free To A Good Home?
11. Raising The Fawn - "Roma/Amor" Sleight of Hand
12. Pride Tiger - "Let 'Em Go " The Lucky Ones
13. New Pornographers - "My Rights Vs. Yours" Challengers
14. Grand Analog - "Around This Town" Calligrafitti
15. The Superfantastics - "Oh How You Used To Know Me Well" Pop-Up Book
16. Caribou - "Melody Day" Melody Day
17. Boo Hoo - "Laces" s/t
18. Tokyo Police Club - "Your English Is Good" Your English Is Good
19. Rebekah Higgs - "Parables" S/T
20. The Weakerthans - "Civil Twilight" Reunion Tour
21. Tranzmitors - "Plastic Genocide" S/T
22. Said The Whale - "This Winter I Retire" Taking Abalonia
23. The Mohawk Lodge - "Wear ‘Em Out" Wildfire
24. Two-Minute Miracles - "The Bee Hell" Volume 3.5 Rats
25. Shapes & Sizes - "Head Movin'" Split Lips, Winning Hips, A Shiner
26. The Hermit - "Si Vous Me Quittez" Turn Up (The Stereo)
27. Octoberman - "Run From Safety" Run From Safety
28. Wintersleep - "Weighty Ghost" Welcome To The Night Sky
29. The Got To Get Got - "Blood Test" Canadian Arts Collective Blues/Huge Zig Zag
30. Andre Ethier - "Never Grow Tired of Me" On Blue Fog
posted by Craig Norris on Sep 20, 2007