Late last night, our web team threw the switch on what I think is the most exciting development on this site since we re-launched Radio3 back in November of 2005.

Our Webby-nominated web radio stream, which until now was an automated music-only feed, is now a living breathing radio station featuring live hosting, editorial features, and all of the great 100% Canadian music you've come to expect from Radio3.

Now you can tune in 24/7 to enjoy the very best in new Canadian music from anywhere in the world with a halfway decent internet connection. Hosts Grant Lawrence, Lisa Christiansen, Craig Norris, Tariq Hussain, and Lauren Burrows are joined by Amanda Putz and Buck 65 as your guides to Canadian music culture at its best.

Tune in with our custom online player (and start making your own playlist), or tap into the MP3 stream with the major media player of your choice. Please note that this is not simply the same feed as channel 94 on Sirius, but a unique station created exclusively for the web.

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Update: Ask and ye shall receive. Since many of you have expressed concern that we've discontinued our music-only service, we can't just leave you hanging. We have plans to offer a new and improved music-only service, but seeing as this won't launch for some time yet, you can still access the old feed via our pop-up player.

Photo: RedandJonny
posted by John Paolozzi on Sep 16, 2007