Jim Bryson has joined The Weakerthans.

The very busy Ottawa singer-songwriter, who already balances his own successful solo career with a day-job in the Kathleen Edwards band, recently announced he will be lending his considerable chops to one of Canada's greatest bands.

We reached Jim while touring Ireland, supporting Josh Ritter (no relation) and popped him a few questions about the exciting news...

GL: How do you feel about playing in yet another band?

JB: I can't wait to play with the Weakerthans. Honestly, it is tough at times living the duo live of being a side/solo musician, but this will be pretty awesome. I also get to open some shows as well, which is a nice treat as well.

GL: What did you weigh in your decision to join the group?

JB: Balancing the double life sometimes has pros and cons. I have had the best 6 months ever playing my own shows and I do want to do more of that as well. This will be great though, and I am pretty thrilled to do it. It is nice to be asked by a band you really like and respect.

GL: Is this permanent or just for immdediate touring? Ie, will you be in the studio?

JB: This is a touring utility side person setting, where I am going to play for the rest of the year with them. Perhaps there will be other shows down the line as well, one never knows.

After that, I have a loose plan to come and play in the UK/Ireland in Febuary and then I re-join Kathleen's band in March.

GL: Is this invitation to join the band an attempt to appease you, since the new Weakerthans song "Civil Twilight" bears an eerily similar melody to your signature tune "Somewhere Else"?

JB: Well, "Somewhere Else" is already a mild borrow on Joe Jackson's "Different For Girls" as well as New Order's "Every Second Counts"...

GL: Ok, so are you ready to roll?

Well, I have not practiced any Weakerthans songs as of yet, but tomorrow is my big "make notes" day here in Dublin. It is lot to cover and I have been busy, so please do not tell them that I have not started yet. I know their songs quite well to hear, so it hopefully will be pretty smooth.

The Weakerthans new album Reunion Tour comes out on September 25. The North American tour starts that same night in Minneapolis.

And so congratulations to Jim Bryson and cheers to the Weakerthans!

Here is Jim's beautiful song "Somewhere Else".

posted by Grant Lawrence on Sep 10, 2007