Yes, you read that correctly.

Andre Ethier, Toronto solo musician and one of the ex-lead singers from the dearly departed Deadly Snakes (he's the one with the deep voice) is singing the Canadian national anthem this Saturday at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

It turns out that there is another Andre Ethier in the world, and he plays right field for the Los Angeles Dodgers major league baseball club. When a staff member from the Dodgers organization found out about our Andre Ethier through a web search, they extended the invitation to sing O Canada at Saturday's game against the Toronto Blue Jays (naturally). He'll also get to hang out with the other Andre Ethier before the game.

I tracked down our Andre to chat about this rather surreal situation just as he was preparing to jet south.

And hey... if Andre Ethier can sing at a Dodgers/Blue Jays game, why wasn't our own Chris Kelly invited to sing at a Senators/Ducks game?

posted by Grant Lawrence on Jun 08, 2007