Yes, this blog post is late again.

My apologies, but I'm finding it a little tough to return to work after spending a surreal week amid princesses, mice, and ducks. Add to that, I now find myself in a hotel room in downtown Ottawa amid politicians, lobbyists and ducks. The reason I'm here can be found in another blog post by John.

The R3-30 this week sees yet another new song at the top! We have three new tunes in the chart, including a brand new one from LCD Soundsystem. Abdominal finds himself as one of our three CHARTBREAKERS this week, too.

We continue to sow love across the airwaves with a Long Range Request from Geraldine to Tabitha, and Amy in Saint John, NB takes a spin on The Wheel Of Freedom.

Finally, I want to again thank Brent Bambury for sitting in last week. 'Twas an honour to have him guest host for me, and anytime GO! needs a guest host, I'm there.

Right. Like that would ever happen.

Now, gaze upon the glory of the chart.

The R3-30
Week Ending April 26, 2007

1. The Western Investor - "If You Wanna Go" This Beautiful Town
2. Joel Plaskett Emergency - "Snowed In" Ashtray Rock
3. Po' Girl - "Nine Hours To Go" Home To You
4. The Two Koreas - "U-Boat Commander" Altruists
5. The Memories Attack - "Love In The Time Of Hate" S/T
6. QR5 - "Dreams" Pharmakon
7. The Wet Secrets - "Secret March" Rock Fantasy
8. The Arcade Fire - "Black Mirror" Neon Bible
9. The Besnard Lakes - "Devastation" The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Horse
10. The Blankket - "Badlands" Be Your Own Boss
11. Tacoma Hellfarm Tragedy - "True Love Killed My True Love's Love For Me" Orchard Songs
12. Royal Wood - "A Mirror Without" A Good Enough Day
13. Great Lake Swimmers - "Your Rocky Spine" Ongiara
14. You Say Party! We Say Die - "dmg, ale!" Lose All Time
15. Feist - "My Moon My Man" The Reminder
16. Orillia Opry - "Lucky Wind"
17. Fighter/Lover AKA Idiots! - "Prime Meridian"
18. Cain & Abel - "Good Morning Son"
19. Demon's Claws - "Shadow Of A Castle" Satan's Little Pet Pig
20. Forest City Lovers - "Castles"
21. Modest Mouse - "Dashboard"
22. A.M. - "Boom Snap Clap"
23. Chocolat - "Le Monde Est Verte"
24. Mother Mother - "Polynesia" Touch Up
25. Kill The Lights - "Skinny White Girls"
26. The Weakerthans - "Bad Time To Be Poor" The Secret Sessions (Rheostatics Tribute Album)
27. Jim Bryson - "If By The Bridge" Where The Bungalow Roam
28. Matias - "Tea" Summer
29. Lesbians On Ecstasy - "Sisters In The Struggle"
30. LCD Soundsystem - "North American Scum"

posted by Craig Norris on Apr 27, 2007