This Friday is a big day for me. April 20th is the due date for not one - but two - babies in my life.

The first will be fleshy. Our little girl is expected to come into the world Friday. The second will be digital. CBC Radio 3's new video podcast launches at the very same time.

I'm extremely proud to be the father of both bouncing babies. Not sure which one I will grow to love I will do the proper thing and let them compete for my love and affection.

Because it's the video child you'll all be visiting more often, let me tell you how happy I am that this thing is being added to Radio 3's already-successful line-up of entertaining podcasts.

R3TV is anything but radio with pictures. It's more of an eccentric little world that revolves around the DJs at CBC Radio3, recurring weirdos, and the kick-ass population of Canadian bands in our arsenal.

Oh yeah...and you know how television music channels have kind of stopped, music? Look no further - because each week we're hand-picking the most creative music videos from all the Canadian artists you guys love and support.

My partner in crime Ahmed Khalil (the very guy who makes this website look so good) and I have just put the finishing touches on Episode #1: Growing Up. In the inaugural podcast, go behind-the-scenes as Radio 3 moves into a new ‘adult' office space; Calgary band The Dudes go back to High School with their video Do The Right Thing; and Grant Lawrence makes a shocking discovery under the rubble of the old office (hint: it smells like Ben Gay and meat).

Hope you enjoy it. Your cigar is in the mail.

Jordan "Sometimes a Cigar Is Just a Cigar" Kawchuk is Radio 3's video podcast producer.
posted by Jordan Kawchuk on Apr 18, 2007