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What will be said about 2006? Will music historians look back at this past year as one that defined or changed music in any significant way? Who can say? For all we know a race of super-intelligent roaches may be sorting through files on centuries-old servers found amongst the still-glowing ruins of CBC Vancouver, and come across this list.

Will they be able to understand it? Will they rock out? Hard to say. Roaches, even super-intelligent roaches, are tough to figure out, but whether or not the roaches are able to enjoy good music is not my problem. My problem is getting to the LC before it closes. I passed it earlier, and it was a madhouse! *sob* A MADHOUSE!

Okay, that's about as far as I should probably run with my roach theory. Let's get to the list. Here they are... the top 94 tracks of 2006! Have a happy new year!

1. Joel Plaskett Emergency - "Nowhere with you"
2. Malajube - "Montreal -40c"
3. Islands - "Rough Gem"
4. Cadence Weapon - "Oliver Square"
5. The Hidden Cameras - "Awoo"
6. The Stills - "Destroyer"
7. Amy Millan - "Skinny Boy"
8. Final Fantasy - "This Lamb Sells Condos"
9. Meligrove Band - "Our Love Will Make the World Go Round"
10. Shout Out Out Out Out - "They Tear Down Houses Don't They"
11. The Dears - "Whites Only Party"
12. Chad Vangaalen - "Flower Gardens"
13. The Golden Dogs - "Dynamo"
14. Destroyer - "Your Blood"
15. Tokyo Police Club - "Citizens of Tomorrow"
16. Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton - "Doctor Blind"
17. Ladyhawk - "The Dugout"
18. Peaches - "You Love It"
19. MSTRKRFT - "She's Good for Business"
20. Jon-Rae and the River - "Nothing to Do"
21. The Lovely Feathers - "Pope John Paul"
22. Memphis - "I'll Do Whatever You Want"
23. Les Breastfeeders - "Pas Sans Saveur"
24. Sarah Harmer - "I Am A Glow"
25. God Made Me Funky - "Won More Time"
26. Tiga - "Far From Home"
27. Shapes And Sizes - "Islands Gone Bad"
28. Two Hours Traffic - "Stuck for the Summer"
29. Kinnie Starr - "Anything"
30. Sam Roberts - "The Gate"
31. Windom Earle - "Kitten vs. Pegasus"
32. Melissa McClelland - "Passenger 24"
33. Les Georges Leningrad - "Skulls in the Closet"
34. Ohbijou - "St. Francis"
35. Duchess Says - "Black Flag"
36. The Old Soul - "River of Daughters"
37. Ron Sexsmith - "All In Good Time"
38. Classified - "Find Out"
39. Pride Tiger - "Six Four Two"
40. Pony Up - "The Truth About Cats and Dogs"
41. The Bicycles - "Australia"
42. Kid Koala - "Excerpt 3: Stoppin' Traffic/Tracks, etc."
43. Birdapres - "Get It Done"
44. Great Aunt Ida - "We Say No"
45. Hylozoists - "Fifty Minute Hour"
46. Young and Sexy - "Satellite"
47. K-os - "Electrik Heat"
48. Vancougar - "Naughty"
49. Junior Boys - "Double Shadow"
50. Uncut - "Kiss Me"
51. The Marble Index - "All That I Know"
52. Sloan - "Who Taught You To Live Like That"
53. The Wailin' Jennys - "Devil's Paintbrush Road"
54. Henri Faberge and the Adorables - "Ventriloquist Love"
55. Danny Michel - "Black Tornado"
56. The Dudes - "Do The Right Thing"
57. The Phonograff - "Stay on Point"
58. Paper Moon - "Turning Colours Into Greys"
59. Shotgun & Jaybird - "Two and Two is Four"
60. Sunset Rubdown - "Stadiums And Shrines II"
61. No Luck Club - "Turntables On The Bayou"
62. Hawksley Workman - "You Are Too Beautiful"
63. The Diableros - "Push It To Monday"
64. Hilotrons - "Bella Simone"
65. More or Les - "Sucka Word"
66. Cities in Dust - "Chop Chop You're Dead"
67. Blood Meridian - "Get Someplace Else"
68. Matt Mays - "When The Angels Make Contact"
69. Harvee - "Father Was a Gambler"
70. Camp Radio - "On The Landing Strip"
71. mcenroe - "Cereal for Dinner"
72. Bella - "Didn't Mean to Break our Love"
73. Isis - "Ask A Woman"
74. Patrick Watson - "Drifters"
75. Circlesquare - "Fight Sounds Part 1"
76. They Shoot Horses, Don't They? - "Lowlife"
77. In-Flight Safety - "Surround"
78. The Awkward Stage - "We're Going For A Ride"
79. Buck 65 - "Indestructible Sam"
80. Run Chico Run - "Oneanotherwell"
81. Born Ruffians - "This Sentence Will Ruin/ Save Your Life"
82. The Cape May - "Spring Flight to the Land of Fire"
84. Raising The Fawn - "Carbon Paper"
84. OK Cobra - "Fall Dumbass"
85. Pink Mountaintops - "Cold Criminals"
86. Panurge - "Black Box"
87. Maps of the Night Sky - "We Were Young"
88. I Am Robot And Proud - "The Work"
89. The Screaming Eagles - "Doo Doo Doo Doo"
90. The Buttless Chaps - "Master and Commander"
91. Galaxie 500 - "Big Bang"
92. Dandi Wind - "Apotemnophilia"
93. Woodpigeon - "If Only I Were A Painter, I'd Paint For You The Moon"
94. Jewish Legend - "Tigris River"

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Top 94 Tracks of 2006

What will be said about 2006? Will music historians look back at this past year as one that defined o…


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#1 posted by
on Dec 31, 2006
A lot of good choices on there...I guess my favorite Canadian stuff will get out there more next year, like Inner Surge's "Wolves" could have easily been at the top there...good choice on Verbal Deception though, they rock too! happy new year!
#2 posted by
on Dec 31, 2006
John Paolozzi
#3 posted by
John Paolozzi
on Dec 31, 2006
CCCP, it's a-comin'! After launching the new version of the site, we've had some trouble building playlists. Should be fixed first thing next week!
#4 posted by
on Dec 31, 2006
No Sloan on NMC, interesting........
Grant Lawrence
#5 posted by
Grant Lawrence
on Dec 31, 2006
YES, even though two members of Sloan host / hosted a show with us, and they are among my favourite Canadian bands of all time, they aren't on NMC!! I have bugged them about it repeatedly, wondering what the difference is between them and say other NMC members like the Arcade Fire, Hot Hot Heat, Broken Social Scene, the Dears, the New Pornographers, Metric, Joel Plaskett and on and on... with Sloan not having their own page on NMC it also means we've never been able to podcast them either!! The irony is that they DO have a page on myspace!! Where's the love for their own???
#6 posted by
on Jan 01, 2007
It's good to see Chad made it on ur list. And The Golden Dogs. Good job.
#7 posted by
on Jan 01, 2007

"Killing me softly... with his song."

"If ur waiting for me, it's a century."

I forgot to go to sleep... I also forgot to eat. I blame it on music. Seriously.


I think I'm losing my mind this time, this time I'm losing my mind. - Beastie boys

Don''t worry John, I'll write a book about it and make one millian dollars. BOOhhHAAAAAAA!

Dream On... dream on. - chad

I didn't see any CatPower on the list, though.
Oh well.

I think I need a coffee.
#8 posted by
on Jan 01, 2007
You gotta wield a bigger club.....
#9 posted by
on Jan 01, 2007
Dear R3-30,
Okay so Two Hours Traffic rightfully make it on the top 94 of '06, and yet they've not cracked the R3-30 that I have seen… What gives, my unconfident, sitcom humour dropping self depreciating friend? Don't make me use my computer voice… again.

Please <ctrl>+<alt>+<del>, defrag & reboot the R3-30-bot!

Thank you.
#10 posted by
on Jan 01, 2007
A Play list of this list would be excellent.
#11 posted by
on Jan 01, 2007
wow thats an awsome list! You have all my favourite songs from 2006!
Hopefully you get the playlist working soon! =)
#12 posted by
on Jan 01, 2007
Just a thought, the top 94 show ever be on radio 2? just for those who don't own a satellite radio....
John Paolozzi
#13 posted by
John Paolozzi
on Jan 01, 2007
tb3, I no speak-a-da -english.

No. I do, but I don't have the answer for that. I'm not on the music committee, but I'll bug somebody tomorrow, and get you your answer.
#14 posted by
on Jan 02, 2007
can tb3 please identify himself?
i no can speak ur english either....

#15 posted by
on Jan 02, 2007
I am tb3.
LonelyGirl15 v2.0.
or not…

But, it's okay, I don't understand half my comments either – its the 'bad' part of the good 'n bad of suffereing from chronic verbal diarrhea.
#16 posted by
on Jan 02, 2007
"What gives, my unconfident, sitcom humour dropping self depreciating friend?"

Reference to the 'constructive critique' letter Craig read on air Friday morning, I think it was on the R3-30 show. Someone doesn't like his brand of humour.
Craig Norris
#17 posted by
Craig Norris
on Jan 02, 2007
i have to step in here.
the comments made by the teebs were directed at me.
to make a long story short -
tb3 pitched Two Hours Traffic for The R3-30, but they never made it. as you can see, they made the Top 94! the rest of his post refers to a listener letter that i read on the air last week on The R3-30.
#18 posted by
on Jan 02, 2007
Craig… you complete me.
#19 posted by
on Jan 02, 2007
it sounds like nobody really listens to the R3-30, i knew exactly what tb3 mean ;)
#20 posted by
on Apr 27, 2007
Enter Comment Here:
#21 posted by
on Jul 26, 2007
41. The Bicycles- "Australia"

did you guys even listen to "Gotta Get Out"!? Justice!!!

anyways its still a good list...hopefully your 07 list will be wholesome as well
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