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Raymitheminx is NSFW. Let's just get that out of the way first so that you don't come back to me complaining that your boss caught you cruising her blog hunting for the semi-nude photos she occasionally posts.

She recently won three awards in the Canadian Blog Awards, and is a finalist in 2006 Weblog Awards, going up against the likes of Dooce for Best Diarist. This is pretty cool, because Dooce is kind of a big deal.

After playing a game of "wack-a-mole" trying to connect via MSN yesterday, we chatted about her growing internet fame, pets, nervous breakdown, and penchant for booze.

R3: heya, john from the ceeb here.

hi ceeb.

so hey... you won three Canadian Blog awards. Congratulations! Has your life changed?

Raymi: um, k-os myspaced me and made me his second friend, so yes. And, well, you are interviewing me. What's yer blog url?


Raymi: has it changed your life?

R3: you winning? It's changed my day, so who knows what sort of ramifications it could have.

right. Ok, so you are pretty legit.

i tell myself that every morning.

Raymi: are you an intern or, like, a big deal or something?

R3: something. i wrangle the blog for R3.

Raymi: that's nice. So, my "s" key is busted. It is kind of fucking with my equilibrium.

R3: i had that problem with my "v" key once... super annoying.

Raymi: maybe i can duct tape it back on.

R3: i had to use a pen, or think of words that don't use "v". How long have you been doing this? Blogging, I mean.

ssssssssssss ssssssssssssssssss ssssssssssssssssss ssssssssssssssss sssssssssssss. ha. Sorry. since 2000.

R3: wow... that's a long time in blog years.

Raymi: very. i am the grandma of blogging. i was pretty uptight re: these awards ‘cos of my years serving.

R3: how so?

Raymi: well, people i was up against had been blogging for half the time, less than half, and i am extremely egotistical.

R3: and you have a book?

: two books

R3: I've seen Marketable Depression. What's the other?

: Dear Raymi. it's not available at the moment, but I'm going to re-release it. Mostly it's just emails from fans and haters, a scam book to get the sweet moohla.

R3: sweet, sweet moohla. do you do this for a living? or do you need to hold down a dayjob, cuz you're pretty prolific.

Raymi: that's it on the right. Yeah, i do this for a living, and other freelance web-based things.

R3: weird... i think i've seen it before.


R3: maybe.

Raymi: I'm working on a third book.

R3: oh yeah? what about?

Raymi: A Casual Genius: The Biggest Thing That Never Happened. it reads more like a novel. surreal non-fiction.

R3: biography?

Raymi: it's based on my life and the people in it. it's a continuation story, similar to journal/blog format but not quite.

R3: Does this sort of writing inspire a lot of haters?

Raymi: i inspire a lot of haters

R3: why do you think?

Raymi: some people don't get that my schtick is to be juvenile, and the fact that my font is huge bugs them, maybe.

R3: yeah... why so huge?

Raymi: ‘cos i like to create an "I am yelling at you" vibe.

R3: I've seen some of the comments re "tits for hits"...

Raymi: You either love good-looking people or you hate them. That's so stupid. They're lucky I'm not skinnier at the moment. Every time i lose weight, the clothes come off. and yes, i do little things purposely to irritate people.

R3: you talk about drinking a lot. do you drink and blog?

Raymi: no. i drink, then i go out or watch movies and then blog about it. did you know i am related to jack Kerouac?

R3: I did not. how so?

Raymi: my grandpa's nephew = jack Kerouac. kerouac is my mom's maiden name.

R3: I'm guessing you've read a lot of his stuff? What's yer fave?

Raymi: On the Road. i read it in high school. and I was like, yep, that's me, that's what i want to do... drink, write in a dirty trenchcoat in a basement bar.

R3: I usually read Dharma Bums every year.

Raymi: i read a little bit of dharma bums when i was 12, but I didn't get into it.

R3: I always like the way Kerouac writes about booze and food.

Raymi: i hate when yer reading and yer kind of hungry and then the narrator starts talking about ordering little sandwiches or something. i immediately put my face in some food at that point.

R3: in Dharma Bums, he heats some beans and mac and cheese over a fire...

Raymi: oh yeah!!!

R3: ...thus making me eat tonnes of this. I call it "hobo dinner." good stuff, I tell you.

Raymi: in dennis the menace, the one with walter mathau, there's a beans over fire part. they look better than they taste. beans taste like gooey syrupy dry paste.

R3: well, in the book, they were full of sand. we leave that part out.

Raymi: haha. so do you have questions or is this the interview? ‘cos i can pretty much ramble all day.

: actually i was killing time while I tried to come up with some.

Raymi: ha.

R3: to be honest, I hadn't seen your blog before. but I like it

Raymi: wow. You really don't know anything about me before these awards.

R3: nope. It's a big internet. so I've been going through your archives trying to get a sense of who you are, what you write about. stuff like that.

Raymi: avoid the year 2003. ha.

R3: sometimes it's hard to tell when you're screwing with your readers.

Raymi: ‘Cos of the lack of punctuation and the run-on sentences. this is my first time in los angeles

R3: so you spent some time in a mental hospital in LA?

Raymi: yes

R3: what happened? or does that question make sense?

Raymi: diagnosed with bipolar mood disorder

R3: did it happened while you were travelling?

Raymi: too many drugs, dated an abusive dealer, post-traumatic stress from living in nyc during sept 11 = nervous breakdown.

: harsh.

Raymi: well, i left toronto during the SARS outbreak to try living in la. it was a pretty hasty decision. my lifestyle was getting the better of me here.

R3: what was the lifestyle? And what kind of drugs?

: weed/coke. mostly weed. i can't smoke it anymore. Well, only if i am majorly drunk.

R3: I call it "daddy's little helper."

Raymi: ha. Yeah, i was doing it 6 times daily. i lost a lot of weight, was way manic, speaking in rhymes and riddles. total sketchbag. weed is whack, kids!

: do you suppose that it just didn't agree with your chemistry?

Raymi: well, I'm a depressive. Ok, bipolar = manic depression + bipolar. And the first problem is the depression, and then you do a bunch of drugs and drink ‘cos you are sad, and then that fucks with yer brain chemistry. bipolar is a chemical imbalance in the brain.

R3: do you think this is connected to your writing in any way?

: yes, it is connected to everything about me.

R3: does writing help? or does it feed the depression?

Raymi: that's why I'm funny. sad people are often hilarious.

R3: comedy goes hand in hand with tragedy.

Raymi: it gives me something to do. it's a distraction. if i can at least entertain myself and others, then i am not alone on the couch watching maury povich and sighing profusely. this life is too serious to be taken seriously, so when something mega traumatic happens i will make a little joke or make fun of myself so that i don't have to feel the pain and make others feel more comfortable.

R3: so have you visited any of the other blogs nominated in your categories?

Raymi: yes, i have. for the most part they are zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

R3: what blogs or sites do you like?

Raymi: my friends' blogs. they're all linked on my site. If i name a couple, everyone i don't name will murder me. reading your friend's blog, or someone you have met in real life, is very addictive. there are some i read i don't want you to know, either.

R3: have you ever been to It's not unlike cuteoverload, but i think better. cute animals + artful swearing = funny.

Raymi: whoa. very cute. Yeah, at some point over the last two years something in my brain snapped. maybe a blood clot. ‘cos i am all about animals. and making retarded voices for them.

: all of my pets have a Strongbad voice.

: HA. mine sound like elves.

: what sort of creatures do you live with?

Raymi: my boyfriend's cat. my dad has a tiny cat that we were going to watch. i love him. Don't get me started. my bf's cat is a total asshole. very selfish.

: i think that's the cat persona. mine are, anyways. One is very intelligent, and the other completely retarded. both selfish. okay... back to your blog...

Raymi: this cat has a serious vendetta against me. fucks with my shit. he just walked across a canvas i painted an hour ago and fucked it up

: maybe he saw it as a collaborative project.

Raymi: haha. Yeah, maybe.

R3: Is raymitheminx your only blog?

Raymi: no. It's pretty stagnant, though. I'm going to do one comprised of my art, though. i have a buzznet page where i post videos and photos. That's part of my job.

R3: If you could sum up what yer blog is all about, how would you do it?

Raymi: manipulation? Snarkiness. i change my mind. Often.

R3: and do you have any crazy fans?

: yes, they are all crazy for the most part. but they like me, for some reason. so that can't be bad. as much as i judge people, i don't judge them.

R3: maybe that's why your blog works?

Raymi: yes, it is a little friendly spot on the web for them to talk about farts and cats and learn about my life with my boyfriend and escape their own lives. or to judge me and feel better than me. i don't care. ok, i have to bathe. i smell. You can email me if you come up with other questions.

R3: and that's a good way to close.

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Interview: Raymitheminx

Raymitheminx is NSFW. Let's just get that out of the way first so that you don't com…


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#1 posted by
on Dec 06, 2006
First I was going to make a sarcastic comment about this interview being Pulitzer quality.

But then I thought there was something eerily real about reading someone's MSN conversation, especially someone like her, and you just asking her up-front questions.

Is this the first MSN interview by a public broadcaster, or any broadcaster that's not just some guy in his basement or a college paper for that matter? Always with the breaking new ground.
#2 posted by
on Dec 07, 2006
neuromancer, didn't you ever see the Mansbridge interview with Harper in ICQ on NewsWorld?
#3 posted by
on Aug 30, 2007
icq was great.
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