Dear Blog,

Always listen and research gossip.

So I am getting my haircut for the first time in six months and I am chatting with my scenester, maven hairdresser and she goes, "Wanna hear some gossip?" and I go, "Well, I was thinking of rudely ignoring you while staring at myself in the mirror but I guess I will indulge you today."

Then she launches into how You Say Party! We Say Die! will never be allowed into the U.S. again because they were stopped at the border harboring illegal instruments made in Cuba, while smoking illegal marijuana rolled in the American flag and then when they told the border cops their band name the cops took it as a threat and handcuffed them all:

YSPWSD: Hi, we're, "You say party, we say die!"

American Border Officer: Code Red! Death threatening an officer is federal offence! Call the White House! Call Fox News!

Anyway. I am in the chair freaking out hoping she'll hurry and make me look awesome so I can verify all of this. I did and it turned out some of it was true.

Lisa Christiansen sat down with the accused, Stephen O'Shea to get the full story.

posted by Chris Kelly on Oct 11, 2006