For many of us, music – whether it's made by Justin Bieber or Georges Bizet – is an essential part of everyday life. So are many other things, like using a credit card, putting on underwear or brushing our teeth. However, for some rare individuals, everyday items can transcend the mundane and become instruments for melodic output.

Here are just a few examples of musicians who create music with everyday items:

1. "National Canthem."

This first one, an ad for Molson Canadian, is a recent example. Watch how the musicians play the Canadian anthem using beer cans, bottles, kegs, caps and cartons:

2. "Cards of Change."

Up next is another ad, this time demonstrating how to make music with credit cards. Ah, if only banking could be this fun:

3. The thong song.

Underwear, duct tape and a camera. Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s see how musicians put those objects to use:

4. Pick and roll.

If you’re a sports fan, here’s an interesting use of basketballs as percussion instruments:

5. Using everything and the kitchen sink.

Finally, this example from Sweden demonstrates what could happen if a gang of musicians breaks into your apartment:

posted by Cathy Irving on Jul 23, 2012