The 2013 Polaris Music Prize gala goes down tonight in Toronto. Since 2006, the prize is awarded to the best album in Canada with no regard to genre or sales, as decided by a jury of the music press.

We decided to look back and imagine what the Polaris Music Prize would look like in the 1990s. Think of it as Canadian music fan fiction. We reimagined the design, picked some '90s-era sponsors and chose winners and shortlisted albums based on what we’ve learned from the past eight years of the prize.

And what have we learned? Sometimes the underdog wins. Sometimes the favourite wins. Sometimes genres are completely ignored. Sometimes the awards are accused of tokenism. Sometimes losing albums become classics while the winner is forgotten. Sometimes huge albums don’t make the short list. Sometimes tastes vary from year to year. Sometimes they don’t.

Check out our picks in the gallery above.

This, along with rampant speculation about tonight's Polaris Music Prize gala, is the topic of conversation on CBC Radio 3 today. Who do you think would have won the Polaris in the '90s? Do you agree with our choices? Let us know in the comments below.

Tune in here tonight to see full coverage of the Polaris gala. We'll have a live online stream of the show, plus Radio 3 hosts will be reporting from the scene.

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posted by Dave Shumka on Sep 23, 2013