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With the conference finals approaching, CBC Music wanted to showcase Canadian songs that remind hockey fans of our national sport. So, we asked a few CBC Music listeners, hockey-loving musicians and CBC Sports broadcasters to tell us what Canadian song makes them think of the game.

The list includes picks by Jim Hughson, Andi Petrillo, Gord Stellick and Craig Simpson of CBC Sports. Musicians and Juno Cup alumnus Dustin Bentall, AJ Johnson (Cuff the Duke), Chris Page (Camp Radio), Kendel Carson, Kellylee Evans and Evan Cranley of Stars also share their choices. Plus, CBC Music’s Grant Lawrence reveals his all-time favourite hockey song.

Come back to CBC Music on Friday, May 18th to download an exclusive 10 song Hockey Playoffs Playlist Podcast, hosted by Grant Lawrence. The podcast will feature tracks from Arkells, The Tragically Hip, Stars, and more. 

“Last Crusade”     
Sam Roberts

Evan Cranley (Stars): “What a guy! We trained together in Montreal before the Juno Cup this year. The man, the myth, the music. Go Habs go!”




AJ Johnson (Cuff the Duke): “This song makes me drive fast, does the same for my skating.”




Dustin Bentall: “Arkells rock so hard, and this tune directs a bit of attention to the unsung heroes on the ice: the refs!

“(I Feel Like)(Gerry)Cheevers(Stitch Marks on My Heart)”


@flanneltom: “That song gave me the mental tenacity to finish the tree planting season instead of quitting early.”


“He Looked A Lot Like Tiger Williams”     
The Hanson Brothers


Grant Lawrence: “My all-time favourite hockey song named after one of my all-time favourite players, #22, Tiger Williams, the heart and soul for any team he played for, which included the Vancouver Canucks during their first-ever run for the Stanley Cup.”


“Booze Can”     
The Smugglers




Chris Page (Camp Radio): “Bring this number to the dressing room and take note, kids. The Smugs always bring the party to the rink.”


“Little Bones”     
The Tragically Hip

@westcrunch: “Nothing says cheering on your favourite sports team quite like happy hour wings and beer.”

Also from The Tragically Hip: The Lonely End of the Rink, 50 Mission Cap


“Taking Care of Business”    
Bachman-Turner Overdrive


Gord Stellick (CBC Sports): “It is what you have to do 16 times under the most intense, grueling environment. Once you have done it once, you get to reap the rewards for a lifetime all because you took care of business that one spring!”


“Mama Let Him Play”     
Jerry Doucette


Jim Hughson (CBC Sports): “'Mama Let Him Play' was an easy choice for me for the Playoff Playlist because it’s Canadian, it’s upbeat and it has a great message. Although the song is about playing music, I think the lyrics apply just as easily to playing hockey.”


“Life is a Highway”     
Tom Cochrane

Craig Simpson (CBC Sports): "I chose 'Life is a Highway' because it's a great Canadian song and a perfect metaphor for the Stanley Cup playoffs – they're a long road that no player wants to see come to an end."


“Geographic Centre of Canada”     
The Wheat Pool


@radio_attractive: “Had a certain drive-to-hockey-tournament-in-Canada feel.”


“Fourteen and Me”     
Stephen Stanley

@Nitz: “Great new song about [Maple Leafs Centreman] Davey Keon.”


“The Anthem”     
Kardinal Offishall


Andi Petrillo (CBC Sports): "‘The Anthem’ gets the pride mojo going. Plus, I can relate to everything he's talking about in the song!"


“I Want It All”     
Down with Webster


Kellylee Evans: “‘I got dreams, larger than you’d ever believe.’ I just love that lyric and the sentiment of wanting it all. Even the title of the album is perfect: Time to Win Vol 2.”


“Red Lights”   
Holy F--k


@axis: “Red lights behind the opposing team’s net is a great sight.”

“Lay Down Your Arms”     

The Sadies

Kendel Carson: “Seriously pumps me up and makes me proud to be Canadian to boot. Oh, and proud that I know how to skate and – kind of – shoot a puck”

What Canadian song most reminds you of the game, and why? Let us know in the comments. 

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The Playoffs Playlist

With the conference finals approaching, CBC Music wanted to showcase Canadian songs that remind hocke…


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flannel tom
#1 posted by
flannel tom
on May 11, 2012

Great playlist! How did I get a pick on there? Haha! Go Kings?

Elliott Garnier
#2 posted by
Elliott Garnier
on May 12, 2012

Hah! Hey flannel tom, Grant asked for suggestions for the playlist last month. We picked a few of the best from the blog, including yours. Hope Grant adds your track to the podcast next week!

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