The In Concert quiz armchair tour of the universe concludes this week by breaking free from the chains of reality and reveling in the limitless realm of the imagination.

Music itself is a way of imagining and it has been used to tell stories since time immemorial. And although many classical composers (well, mostly Richard Wagner) have used fictional places as settings for their tales and inspirations, it's a tricky thing to find fantastical places that actually appear in the titles of easily recognizable classical compositions.

Bela Bartok's opera Bluebeard's Castle springs to mind as an example of an obvious selection that, alas, isn't exactly hummable (and is therefore unlikely to pass the rigorous In Concert quizzability test, conducted each and every week by In Concert's in-house crack team of wizard music robots).

So our clues this week are not exactly classical, although any fan of musical theatre will point out that they easily qualify as classic.

 PLAYYour challenge is to identify the fictional destinations named in the titles of three musical examples (separated by the sound of a bell).


Don't answer here on the blog. Email your answers to Three correct entrants will win a recently released classical CD.

Last week, we went to France. The correct answers were Paris, from George Gershwin's "An American in Paris"; Avignon, from the timeless French song "Sur le pont d'Avignon" (the bridge of Avignon itself was also accepted as a correct answer); and Marseille, from "La Marseillaise," France's national anthem, as jazzed up by Stéphane Grappelli and Django Reinhardt.

The winners are Maywynne Cho of Abbotsford, BC; Marc Villeger of West Vancouver, BC; and Sally Lesk of Sudbury, ON.

posted by Paolo Pietropaolo on Jun 09, 2012