Before alternative rock became a hipster trend embodied by tight-jean-wearing dudes playing abstract melodies (not to say there is anything wrong with that), there were big, badass bands like Alice in Chains who were pushing the boundaries between metal and rock. Bruthers of Different Muthers (or B.O.D.M)seem like a throwback to that bygone era; only these guys have taken that heavy sound and mixed it with their Aboriginal roots to create something bold and unique.

One listen to “Bows ‘n’ FN Arrows,” from their debut album Speakers of Tomorrow will make you think that traditional chanting to a thudding bass line, pulsating drums and a driving guitar was a match made in hard-rock heaven. “Speakers of Tomorrow,” the title track from the album and its first single, comes off as an anthem while asking the question: “Who’ll be the elders of tomorrow?” Well, the answer may very well be these guys. 

With such great tracks on only their first release, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that Speakers of Tomorrow recently took home the Aboriginal People’s Choice Award for best rock CD. With already five years as a band under their belts and some great experience touring and playing with the venerable Buffy Sainte-Marie, one can only assume that B.O.D.M will continue to rock our world.    

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posted by Mike Green on Mar 23, 2012